AstroPepeX: When artificial intelligence creates its own cryptocurrency

Revolutionary changes are constantly taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies. Imagine that artificial intelligence can create and implement its own tokens. AstroPepeX, created thanks to ChatGPT, is proof that the boundaries of what is possible are constantly being pushed.

Not long ago, the question arose: “Could ChatGPT release its own token?”. We just found out that it could. AstroPepeX was created and is currently traded on several DeFi and centralized exchanges.

An Ethereum network developer managed to configure ChatGPT to launch its own ERC-20 token, named AstroPepeX (APX). This unique token is based on data from the most frequently traded tokens on the Uniswap platform. A user by the pseudonym CroissantETH revealed how he integrated ChatGPT with a custom app using the OpenAI API. He instructed the technology to design and issue its own ERC-20 token with an estimated market capitalization of $3.5 million.

Data from Etherscan reveals that there are already over 2,300 APX holders who have conducted over 17,700 transactions since the token’s introduction on September 20th.

It is important to emphasize that the developer managed to adapt ChatGPT to deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum network, after previously “feeding” it with information on the 10,000 most frequently traded tokens on Uniswap.

In short, ChatGPT was asked to formulate an ERC-20 token based on Open Zeppelin standards. The token’s name and other parameters were designed to be conveyed by values provided by GPT in the constructor code. ChatGPT’s initial attempts at potential names for the ERC-20 token were not ideal. The solution was to integrate data from the most frequently traded Uniswap tokens, resulting in more naturally sounding results.

ChatGPT, based on GPT-4 technology, clearly has a better understanding of crypto culture, while also showing its own creativity in responses.

To ensure the token was created solely by GPT before deploying the contract, CroissantETH took care of private key and contract matters, eliminating any human intervention.

Once the contract is deployed, ownership is immediately nullified, and 100% of the tokens along with 2 ETH are added to liquidity on Uniswap at its creation.

Thanks to exclusive access to Nansen 2’s blockchain analysis tools, it was confirmed that APX tokens were indeed transferred to decentralized finance platforms, such as Poloniex, as well as centralized exchanges like Bitget, MEXC, and LBank.

Poloniex also promoted the addition of the token on its platform, opening deposit and trading opportunities on its exchange on September 21st.

The AstroPepeX website contains links to its Ethereum address and social media accounts. Among them is a Telegram group with about 1,500 members and the BuyTech bot publishing automatic APX transaction updates and the token’s current market capitalization. CroissantETH later informed that the token does not have an official Telegram group.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving, and AstroPepeX is just one of many examples of how innovations, combined with artificial intelligence, can create new possibilities in this space. Time will tell what other surprises the future holds for us in the crypto world.

Photo by Mojahid Mottakin on Unsplash

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