Will Jeff Bezos join the elite Bitcoin Billionaires Club?


Among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there’s growing excitement about the possibility that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, might be interested in investing in Bitcoin. These speculations were ignited by Thomas Fahrer, co-founder of Apollo, suggesting on the X platform that Bezos’s recent financial moves could indicate his interest in BTC.

The world of cryptocurrencies has long been a stage for the boldest and most innovative investors. Recent reports from this dynamic world suggest that Jeff Bezos himself, the founder and operational brain behind e-commerce giant Amazon, may join the ranks of the interested.

The start of these speculations was a post by Thomas Fahrer on the X platform, where he wondered if Bezos had started investing in Bitcoin. Fahrer pointed to Bezos’s recent sale of Amazon shares worth $8.5 billion and his dinner with Michael Saylor, a known BTC proponent, as potential evidence of this new venture.

This dinner, detailed in a press report, was a meeting between Bezos and his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, with numerous celebrities and tycoons, among whom was Saylor, known as a Bitcoin bull. This event fueled speculations about Bezos’s interest in digital currency, especially since Saylor is perhaps the biggest and most eloquent advocate for Bitcoin.

Additionally, Bit Paine, a recognized figure in the BTC community, added to the speculation with his comment, jokingly stating: “Recently, when Bitcoin reached $0.06 million, Do Kwon was buying with fake money from Ponzi. This time Jeff Bezos is buying with money he found in the couch on his yacht.”

These reports were complemented by InvestAnswers, a known cryptocurrency analyst, who noted the creation of a new Bitcoin wallet, which saw transactions of 26,200 BTC at $51,000 each, suggesting it could belong to a wealthy individual like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or even a sovereign wealth fund, considering the wallet was not associated with any ETFs.

The roots of these speculations lie not only in Fahrer’s comments or analysts’ but also in Bezos’s recent actions in the financial market. Bezos sold about 50 million Amazon shares in February, reaching a total value of approximately $8.5 billion. This move came after a significant increase in Amazon’s stock value, which rose by more than 76% over the last year. Despite this massive sale, Bezos remains the largest shareholder of Amazon, with a wealth exceeding $190 billion.

The timing and scale of Bezos’s stock sales, paired with the anonymous but huge purchase of Bitcoin, led to widespread speculation. “A powerful purchase of Bitcoin for $1.3 billion – looks bullish, perhaps SWF, Jeff Bezos, Zuck, or another high-wealth individual,” observed InvestAnswers, highlighting the scale and potential impact of such a transaction on the BTC ecosystem.

Despite wild speculation, there are no concrete proofs directly linking Bezos to investments in BTC. The community remains in anticipation of more clues.

At the time of writing this article, BTC was valued at $62,938.

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