Bitcoin’s Surges: The Biggest One-Day Price Jumps in History


In the world of digital finance, certain events have the power to break patterns and inscribe themselves in gold letters in the annals of history. Bitcoin regularly provides reasons for analysis, discussions, and often astonishment. Since its debut, Bitcoin has come a long way – from a digital curiosity to a full-fledged financial market participant, capable of generating huge profits (and losses) within just one day.

Before Bitcoin became a full-fledged financial power, it stirred emotions akin to the gold of the 21st century. Its journey, filled with spectacular rises and sharp falls, resembles an exciting rollercoaster ride that attracts new investors wanting to be part of this digital revolution.

April 2013: The value of Bitcoin rose by 42%, from $98.20 to $150.85 on April 12, 2013, the day after dropping from the previous month’s high of $232.11.

November 2013: Again, Bitcoin recorded a 42% jump, this time from $494.94 to an impressive $712.76 on November 18, 2013. The market’s optimistic attitude reflected the growing interest in Bitcoin in the real world, confirmed by the introduction of the first Bitcoin ATMs.

December 2017: The price of Bitcoin increased by 27%, from $14,057 to $17,899 at the end of 2017, setting its highest record at that time. This wave of increases was driven, among other things, by news of the launch of Bitcoin futures trading by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which allowed institutional investors access to Bitcoin.

February 2024: With the price approaching the historical maximum of $69,000, Bitcoin is once again in the spotlight. Recently, Bitcoin has made a 6% jump from $59,831 to $63,585. This continues the upward trend, with Bitcoin ETFs in the background and the approaching moment of mining reward halving, which will take place in April.

The history of Bitcoin is full of unexpected twists and spectacular rises that attract the attention of the whole world. For investors and observers, Bitcoin remains a symbol not only of financial innovation but also of the potential of digital currencies to change the way we think about money and investments. As digital currencies continue their journey, one thing is certain – Bitcoin will continue to occupy a central place in this fascinating journey.

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